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School Christmas Cards

School Christmas Cards Project

DigiPrint Graphics run a nationwide School Christmas Cards Project for schools throughout the UK through their online brand DigiPrint Christmas.  Each child draws a card design, we scan them all into our systems and then the School's PTA can offer each parent the chance to purchase cards with their child's artwork on the front and their name on the back.  This is a great fundraiser for schools and enormous fun, so why not get your school's PTA involved this year with a school Christmas cards project from DigiPrint Christmas?

You can register for Christmas 2013 on our website and read more about our School Christmas Cards Project there.

This is a great fundraiser for schools and enormous fun...

What do the packs look like?

If you have never run a project like this before, don't worry DigiPrint Christmas can guide you through the entire process and we are never more than a phone call away.  At any point in your school Christmas cards project, if you have any questions just give us a call or drop us an email.  We are here to help!

We have also pulled together a short video (see right) so you can see what our packs of 12 School Christmas cards actually look like.  Remember the cards are designed with each individual Child's artwork on the front and name printed on the back!

Claire S

Stone School PTA, Aylesbury

Great, smooth service all the way through, always very helpful with the numerous phone calls I made! Would definitely recommend and we will definitely be using them again, great fundraiser for schools.